19 Oct 2016
Configuring accepted domains in Exchange 2017

An accepted domain is a SMTP namespace to which a Microsoft Exchange Server on your computer sends or receives emails... A generally accepted domains comprise the domains that the Exchange organization is authoritative of. So...

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13 Oct 2016
Wink’s new smart home hub is much cuter and more powerful

If you've ever tried to enhance your residential living space with some "smart home" electronics knows the hurdles of dealing with multiple hubs for each brand's products. A new hub gadget called Wink tried to solve that problem a couple of years ago...

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12 Oct 2016
Avoiding the Public WiFi

Yes, this kind of issue is a real threat, more specifically a cyber threat to your particular business, whatever the industry or niche of it is. This means, that besides forbidding your employees and managers to use the public WiFi for commercial and personal...

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