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Application Development/Modernization

Envizage employs best practices and considerable technology expertise to deliver web applications of various complexity. We do our best to provide products that meet the customers’ expectations and comply with all business requirements.

Aexcellent web solution, offers exceptional content, and is fun to use.

We streamline workflow with software collaboration tools and employ the latest technologies to offer our customers a dynamic web presence.

Application Modernization

Our Application Modernization services focuses on taking legacy applications and modernizing their platform infrastructure, internal architecture, User Interface/Experience, and/or features

We prefer Low-code/No code Application Solutions when necessary.

Content Management

Content Management allow businesses to manage resources and documentation, enhance the company’s productivity, improve internal communication and collaboration with customers. We offer scalable, fast and reliable intranet and extranet portals that are protected from any unauthorized access.

Web Application Environment Design

We keep abreast of the latest technologies to create a perfect UX and UI design as well as convenient content management components for websites that are cross-device and cross-platform compatible.

Mobile-Friendly & Hybrid Apps

We develop custom web applications for mobile devices that load fast and have fully optimized content. We build Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that improve user experience by simplifying HTML and CSS.

Web Design and Programming

We devote much time and effort to bring front-end to perfection and use the best tools and components for each of the specific areas: HTML/HTML5, Javascript and modern frameworks like Angular, React, etc.

Web services

We utilize container technologies to build a microservices-based architecture that helps to develop powerful web applications for various platforms and devices. We also provide integration services with SOAP, REST, and JSON.

Technologies we use:

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