19 Oct 2016
Red flags to watch for when interviewing an in-house IT manager

For a number of years, I had been providing IT services as a freelance consultant rather than an in-house employee, meaning I pop in and out of various companies for six to 18 months at a time. There's always an interview up front during which the task is...

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19 Oct 2016
Managing an internal data server and website server

With the hosting prices for big companies climbing up the wall, there are more reasons to use an office hosted server for storing your business' website there... But as in everything else, there are few arguments for that, and few reasons why it might be too...

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19 Oct 2016
Virtualization 101: a path to safe backups

Corporate data virtualization is the trend for almost 10 years by now... The bigger the extent of the data your company has, the more likely is the fact that you actually need it too. We're gonna go through why certain ways to virtualize are more popular than...

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13 Oct 2016
Which OS should your office computers have

Do you know what's the basic differene between Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems? Well, we're gonna tell you more about it, besides the fact that one of those is free and the others are not... Basically, the most important and the least used OS...

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12 Jul 2016
Password Your Computer and Documents

Another 21st century day, another cyber security advice from us! Nowadays an absolute majority of all businesses store a massive percentage of their info on computers. This means, that basically, anyone with an access to your business' hardware and some...

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